OpenVPN: routes losing/disappearing after connection established


After you connect to your OpenVPN, even without error and you are still able to see the print that say the routes were added successfully, after about a 10 seconds, the routes simply disappear and you lose connection with your hosts/server.

However, manually adding the routes, you can reach the servers and they become accessible.


This is a problem with 3G technology, I haven’t seen this behavior with ADSL or dedicated Links.

It’s what I call obscure problem, why this happen with 3G and 3G only? don’t no if it is regarding the technology or drivers, but we have an elegant workaround for this, as you can see below.


For that situation do not occurs, add the following parameter to config file of OpenVPN, client side:

route-delay 20

With that line, after you connect to OpenVPN, the client will wait 20 seconds to add the routes given by server and won’t disappear no more.

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